The eV-Twin Story

After completing an honours degree in Mechanical Engineering that led to a career spent at sea, most recently commanding the luxury yacht, Silver Dream, Steve Smith founded eV-Twin Ltd in pursuit of his passion for classic cars and bikes while embracing more sustainable forms of transport. This journey began with an experiment to convert a 1953 BSA into an electric motorcycle – the development and build of which remarkably occurred aboard the yacht.

Setting out to couple the classic style of the BSA and the excitement of biking with the eco-friendliness of electric power, the result has combined past and future to create a truly exceptional model for present day riders.

This forward-thinking innovation is reflected in the name of the business: eV-Twin combines the acclaimed ‘V-Twin’ engine configuration of a classic motorcycle with the abbreviation ‘EV’ used for electric vehicles.

The successful development of the eV-Twin prototype, along with test runs that showed the bike exceeding its performance targets, led to the company’s inception. The first production run of six limited edition models began in Malta in 2016, while development of the MK2 custom carbon fibre model is well underway with completion set for autumn 2017.